“Trench” Lives Up to The Hype

Twenty One Pilots came back with a new album, “Trench,” on Oct. 5. After leading their fans on a wild goose chase with hints of their album scattered around for them to decipher, the long-awaited album is finally here. The album’s 14 songs have all managed to achieve a spot in the top 25 of Billboard’s “Hot Rock Songs” and five “Trench” tracks managed to occupy the top ten spots which is a rare accomplishment that is usually achieved after an artist’s passing. ”Jumpsuits” and ”Nico and the Niners” were released on July 11 as the singles from their fifth album and quickly rose up to Billboard’s“Hot 100.”

Many critics have praised “Trench” as Twenty One Pilots’ best album for its diverse genres and its lyrical content. The songs’ genres have ranged from alternative hip hop and rock to reggae and some elements of jazz.

Twenty One Pilots’ fifth album explores themes such as insecurities, faith, and mental health which are commonly recurring themes in their past albums as well. “Trench” revolves around the fictional world, “Trench,” in a city named Dema which means “the tower of silence.” The city is ruled by nine bishops and the chief bishop Nico (Nicolas Bourbaki), was revealed to represent Blurryface which is Tyler Joseph, the band’s lead singer’s, personified insecurities.

The album opens up with “Jumpsuits” which talks about Joseph‘s insecurities and struggles. “Legend” is a slightly jazzy song that was written as a tribute to his grandfather who passed away on March 17. The last track of the album “Leave the City” talks about facing ongoing struggles and battles against our problems and learning that there is still strength to keep going.

My  favorite song in the album, “Chlorine,” caught my attention with its catchy beat, multiple tempo changes, and its interesting lyrics which talks about cleansing your mind of dark, depressing thoughts. My favorite lyrics from the song was “I felt I was invincible, you wrapped around my head, now different lives I lead, my body lives on lead.”

“Trench” was an intriguing and enjoyable album that I would recommend to anyone to listen.

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