Habit Burger moves to Castro Valley

Originating from the coastal town of Santa Barbara, expanding overseas into the United Kingdom and now making its way into Castro Valley, Habit Burger offers a variety of charbroiled burgers with its trademark smoky taste and distinctive crisp freshness. Already offering a free order (under $10) to the members of Charclub, a club exclusive to avid Habit goers and participating in a fundraiser for CVHS where all profit made is funded to the high school, this local friendly restaurant made its grand opening on May 2.

The Charburger stands till today, as the symbol of Habit Burger. From this single burger Habit established its trademark and with good reasons too. The now famous Charburger boasts the typical flavorfulness of a fast food burger and adds its own unique smoky and crispy taste. This unique taste is due to the fact that every burger is cooked on a charbroiler grill,  searing the smoke into the burgers and retaining its distinctive taste.

Soon the Charburgers attained the title of one of the tastiest burgers on the coast and from there the menu only kept expanding. Now at Habit you are able to order a variety of different types of Charburgers including the BBQ Bacon Charburger with crisp bacon and caramelized onion, Teriyaki Charburger with grilled pineapple and the classic Santa Barbara Char, all great quality for very reasonable prices. The menu doesn’t stop there as now you can also order aother dishes like chargrilled sandwiches, french fries, onion rings, chicken salad, malts and milkshakes.

“What makes Habit Burger different from the rest of the family restaurants in Castro Valley are our employees. They are very hardworking, the food is quality, absolutely everything is made fresh to order,” said Cindy Dunn, the manager of Habit Burger when asked about what makes Habit Burger special.     

The staff was overwhelmingly friendly, and the restaurant itself presented itself as very clean with a tropical vibe. The Charburger, although a little too salty for me was, all in all, very flavourful and rich with fresh ingredients. The onion rings are semi-average but are in good taste if you’re looking for a quick snack.

The highlight for me however, was the milkshake. As an avid milkshake lover, I found the milkshake one of the best out there among fast food restaurants. On par with the In and Out milkshakes, it is thick with tasty cream and has its own distinct refreshingness about it.

If you’re looking for ice-cold drinks on a back drenching summer day and are not afraid to venture and try new things, I highly recommend the Habit Burgers handcrafted shakes which can be ordered in your choice of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mocha and coffee.

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  • October 31, 2018 at 10:37 am

    A great place to get a burger and such a nice environment! The employees there are the nicest and funniest people I have ever met! A great restaurant.

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