Tamborine, a comedy special by Chris Rock

Famous comedian and actor Chris Rock stars in “Tamborine,” his first Netflix special and his first stand-up comedy show in over a decade.  His hilarious satire on issues like police brutality, education, parenting, and relationships keeps his audience laughing and entertained while addressing issues that are very present in everyday American life.  

Filled with controversial remarks on the treatment of African Americans in our country and his belief that shielding children from bullying keeps them from being emotionally strong, his special contains many risky aspects that touch on sensitive subjects in ways that might make many people at home uncomfortable.  The boldness of his rhetoric in the special is admirable and in many ways enlightening, giving a daring new perspective on so many of his topics. His satirical humor on President Trump, though less unique, is just as forward.

Rock goes a little deeper into his beliefs on having healthy and successful relationships.  He talks about his divorce and about the infidelity and other problems he and his ex faced. He goes into his thoughts on fatherhood and how he worried that he might never see his daughters again.  

He said that being in a relationship is like being in a band and sometimes you just have to play the tambourine.  “And if you’re on tambourine play it right!” he exclaimed.

In his new stand-up and with his ever present comedic ability, he makes brave and important statements on American political issues and has his audience coming back for more.


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