Pampas: a taste of argentina

Locals in towns are always alert for new and easily accessible eateries to bring their interest. A small Argentinian cafe, Pampas, opened just at the right time to catch their eye.

Pampas Cafe started business in November 2016, serving the most perfect breakfast and lunch one can demand.  What caught many of the food lovers’ attention was the wide variety of empanadas and drinks to choose from. Empanadas are baked or fried pastry filled with different types of ingredients such as cheese, chicken, sweet potato, onions, mushrooms, spinach and etc.   

While many eaters can experience a little bit of Latin American culture from eating these empanadas, taking a bite at the cafe teleports you to Argentina.

The building can be seen in a combination of antiquity and modern-like, and welcomes you with two old-fashioned doors. As you enter with curiosity, the left side of the room is designed with brick walls decorated with archaic coffee “mate calabaza,” coffee beans, mug cups, and pictures.  

Outside, there are chairs and tables for customers to peacefully enjoy their treat. One type of table, however, forced me to its way due to its uniqueness. On one side of the cafe, a long rectangular wood piece is embedded onto the wall to create a table higher than normal to have you stand.

During fall festival, Pampas Cafe sold about 1,000 empanadas in two days! Along with the attractiveness of the bistro and the quality of the menu, location also gives the eatery the oxygen it needs for a fire.

Located at 3483 Castro Valley Blvd., Pampas is located in front of the Castro Village Shopping Center and is surrounded by many markets and less than a mile from CVHS. When Castro Valley students are looking for a scrumptious lunch for less than $5 and not much time on their hands, they know exactly where to go. In less than a year, Pampas Cafe achieved an overall 4.9 star review on Yelp. If you haven’t been there yet, I can assure that you will be the one to complete the big star.

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