The Crown is the show that rules Netflix

Once you’ve started watching, there’s no turning back. Until the season is over, you will be hooked and feel as if you’re a part of Queen Elizabeth II’s life.

The Crown is a Netflix original series that opens the doors to Britain’s royal family and all that comes with the crown. The show gives the viewer a never-before-seen look into the royal family, specifically focusing on Elizabeth’s life and her journey to becoming the queen. Claire Foy stars as the queen, exploring her life and the power the infamous crown holds over Britain. The Crown shows Elizabeth’s struggles, the big and small ones of upholding power and the monarchy, as well as her childhood and her father King George VI’s reign leading up to her succession.

The Crown spins a fantasy in which all that matters in ruling is personal strength, tactical skill and charisma,” said the New York Times.

In one episode, the queen and her husband Prince Philip get into an argument on whether he should kneel before his queen, or keep his title as a man and husband.

“You’re my wife or my queen?” said Prince Philip. “I am both, and a strong man will be able to kneel to both,” said the queen.

The show will captivate you with the scandals and historical tales that unfold as the show goes on. It motivates women to be powerful, and gives viewers the simple pleasure of seeing royalty through the screen, and the Queen herself.

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