Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

In the past 19 years, Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible movies have become known for their star’s adrenaline-inducing jumps. Each new movie seems to involve Cruise taking his life into his hands as if trying to prove that, although he may be old school, he’s still an A-lister.

Director Christopher McQuarrie opens up the film with Cruise sprinting and leaping onto the wing of a Russian cargo plane speeding down the runway. His partner in crime, played by Simon Pegg, manages to hack into the plane and opens the door, sliding Cruise into the hull of the plane. Cruise then violently parachutes out with a huge package of bombs laced with VX nerve gas.

Cruise’s mission, which he, contrary to popular belief, has no choice but to accept, is to take down a sinister group called the Syndicate. However, Cruise doesn’t make it past the opening credits before he is accosted and attacked in London by the same shadowy organization he was tracking.

Then he encounters Rebecca Ferguson, who claims to be on his side, yet she also seems to have wavering loyalty. In this classic spy-thriller movie, it’s never entirely clear whether Ferguson is a friend or foe, even when the movie reaches its climactic end.

Although this movie may be a smidge lacking in visual impact, McQuarrie more than compensates for it with his complex, captivating screenplay. Rogue Nation exudes sophistication and is always leaving the viewer with a winking sense of fun, making this film series one of the most widely watched and enjoyed.

Cruise, although 52, is as physically deft a movie star as ever, and never projects an excess of self-confidence or vanity as would be expected for someone with his long list of accomplishments and achievements. He continues to throw himself into harm’s way with as much energy, conviction, and astonishing disregard for his physical health as a young movie star in his prime. That much is clear from the distinct lack of a stunt double for Cruise.

So next time you find yourself free, grab a DVD of the movie, get some popcorn, and watch this enticing film.

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