David Guetta redefines boss with “Titanium”

The song “Titanium,” by David Guetta and Sia Furler,  is a beautiful work of sounds and solid singing that blends harmoniously, truly giving the genre of dance-pop music its meaning.

As a so-so fan of David Guetta, I wasn’t expecting much when I opened up the iTunes store, saw a new album released by the 43-year-old music producer and DJ, and clicked on it to check out the songs.

As I played each song, however, I began to grow fond of his music, especially “Titanium,” a song that he recorded with Sia, a pop and jazz singer.

The song starts off sweetly and gently, a nice complement to the delicate yet assured voice of Sia.

The lyrics, which talk about being strong and resilient, are inspiring and only add to the appeal of the song. This is no surprise for Sia, as she is known for writing and singing emotional and true lyrics.

For example, the chorus has the words, “I’m bulletproof/Nothing to lose/fire away, fire away.” Sia then belts out triumphantly, while the beat increases more and more, “I am titanium/you shoot me down, but I won’t fall/I am titanium.”

After she sings those words, the beat drops and there’s an impressive segment of synthesizers and crashing sounds. The only thing you can do is wave your hands up in the air and let your body be enveloped in the warmness of it all.

Finally, the song backs down into the sounds of sweet guitar strums, and you can’t help but utter that overused, modern slang: “Oh, my God, this song is so boss.”

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