Fuddruckers grills up five stars!

People are always looking for satisfying meals that will fill them up. As I entered Fuddruckers, I knew that they would do just that and meet every one of my requirements.

Fuddruckers is a burger chain that has meat that weighs one-third of a pound to just one pound. It also had an ice cream shop that looks similar to Baskin Robbins. The hamburgers range from $11 to $12 each. This warm and welcoming, beach-themed restaurant had me feeling like I was at home. It was a place that I would definitely go back to and recommend to others.

When I was with my grandma and mom, we were on a trip to the vitamin shop as we soon realized it was lunch time and we were craving for some big burgers. At first, I suggested In-N-Out because I love their Animal Fries and hamburgers. However, my mom wanted to go to Fuddruckers. Since it was a place I’ve never been to before, I wasn’t really happy about the decision.

But then, as we walked up to place an order, there was a window showing the weight of the meat they had.  I’ve never seen at a restaurant, so I thought the options were pretty cool. That was only the beginning. The soda machines at Fuddruckers were touch screen with 10 to 15 different sodas options. Once a particular drink like Coca Cola or Sprite is chosen, there will be five or so different types of Coke and Sprite for customers to choose from.

Overall, I would recommend Fuddruckers for its nice theme, great tasting food, and ultimately because the soda machine at least 100 different flavors. So bring that special someone you really love, bring that hard earned money, and enjoy Fuddruckers.

Evan Kwong

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