Springbreakers surprises audience with ending

When the movie Spring Breakers is mentioned in conversation, teenagers usually react to it with giggles and shocked reactions. And with good reason.

I went to see Spring Breakers during my own boring spring break and I went in with very low expectations. I wasn’t drawn to any of the main actors, except for James Franco, so I knew I definitely wouldn’t enjoy that aspect. I expected a movie about excessive partying and an easily analyzable message, if there was to be any plotline at all. While I was right about the abundant booze and bikini-clad college students on the beach (acting much, much raunchier than I’d imagined), the movie was not entirely meaningless.

The movie centered around four college girls who ended up stealing cash to go to Florida for Spring Break. Selena Gomez plays Faith, the church-going outsider to the group of three devilish girls, Brit, Cotty, and Candy, respectively played by Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine, and Vanessa Hudgens. She is the first to leave when the drugs, sex, and booze lead the group to jail for a few days. James Franco’s character, Alien, a thug loaded with drugs and money, bails the girls out of jail and takes the three remaining girls under his wing. The girls surprisingly adjust well and fit in with Alien’s group, ready to face off against Archie (rapper Gucci Mane), Alien’s vengeful ex-best friend.

The movie definitely had a surprise ending. It certainly wasn’t what I expected at all. I was unsatisfied, but at the same time, I was a bit impressed that I was so shocked. I tried deciphering a meaning to the movie, and after declaring myself stumped, I turned to the Internet to assist me. The only vague official answer I found was a quote from Harmony Korine, director of the film, who said in an interview that it was pointless to constantly search for a message in everything.

The cons? The acting, as expected, was not stellar. It was hard to watch the girls act so incredibly dumb in multiple scenes; it just didn’t seem realistic.

Before I went in, I had heard mixed reviews about the movie. Some of them claimed the movie was surprisingly thought-provoking, while others said that the movie was pure “pervy” garbage. I have to say I agree with both; the surprise was refreshing, and the cinematography was bright and youthful, almost making me envious of such a carefree view of life.

Keep in mind that the movie is definitely rated R for a reason. Don’t watch if you’re not comfortable with violence, sexual themes, and nudity. This is by far the most nudity I’ve ever seen in a movie, so take my word for it. Even I was embarrassed.

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