Our Version of Events is worth the wait


Every high school student needs that one musical album to stay pumped and motivated while doing homework, but which can also be relaxing and soothing when studying for a test. Emeli Sandé’s debut album, Our Version of Events, was released in early February, attracting R&B and soul music listeners. The album does justice to those students working busily through their school days.

Although Emeli Sandé has been in the world of music for a few years now, this is her first album and the first time many people, including myself, have heard of her. The album starts out with a positive and 90s dance style song titled “Heaven,” showing what this new artist can bring to the music industry.

While the next few songs are a bit of letdown, the upbeat sounding songs come back with “Wonder” being the clear winner. The lyrics, vocals, and rhythm are all contagious, leaving the song stuck in my head for a while.

Personally, I think this is a great album for all music lovers, regardless of one’s taste in music. Hopefully Sandé can continue making good music and release a new single as her fan base continues to grow.

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