Foster the People energetic, upbeat, and completely unique

You may have heard the band’s single “Pumped Up Kicks” on a few rock radio stations, but the song should definitely not become a one-hit wonder, for new band Foster the People will definitely be a teen favorite with the rest of the songs on its first album, Torches. The album is reminiscent of MGMT and other electro-pop bands, but it certainly stands out with its colorful, easy-to-dance-to tunes.

Formed two years ago, the band finally released its debut album this year in May, and I happened to just discover it a few weeks ago during the end of summer. Each song has a breezy feel of summer, along with good, energetic vibes that will keep you vibrant and excitable during the dreary winter months coming our way.

The band definitely needs more recognition, because the rest of Torches is just as good, or even better than the current single. “Houdini,” my personal favorite, incorporates a strong drumbeat as an introduction, and then rolls into an incredibly catchy beat of electric guitar and piano, continuing the percussion at an increasing rate. Mark Foster, lead vocalist, sings in a swingy yet strong fashion, complimenting the sudden and unusual horns that accompany the chorus.

Another favorite of mine is “I Would Do Anything For You,” a sweet love song where Foster presses emotion into lyrics with a surprising and fresh falsetto, saying, “Ooh la la, I’m falling in love and it’s better this time, than ever before,” perfect for all of those who are in love but don’t want a song that’s too sappy.

Although all the songs are energetic and upbeat, they all are completely different, giving a strong impression to every listener that Foster The People is going to be a band that will stay and succeed.

2 thoughts on “Foster the People energetic, upbeat, and completely unique

  • October 12, 2011 at 6:23 pm

    Foster the People is a lovely band! Glad to see that they’re finally getting the attention they deserve.

  • October 10, 2011 at 7:59 am

    I caught them on SNL and found the tune catchy and fun. Really interested in listening to the rest of “Torches”. Thanks for the review.

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