Coldplay creates another masterpiece with “Paradise”

Through a harmonious melody and truth-striking lyrics, Coldplay has created another work of art in their new song “Paradise.”

Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin’s beautiful piano and lead guitarist Jonny Buckland’s guitar solo add to the dramatic effect, engulfing the listener into “Paradise.”

The band captures the essence of seeing the world through the eyes of youth, but once the youth can see reality for what it truly is, the previous way of viewing the world is depleted.

“When she was just a girl/ She expected the world/ But it flew away from her reach.” This song tells a story of growing up and finding strength in oneself. Unlike most music that is played on the radio, “Paradise” sends a message to all of its listeners.

“Paradise” was released on Sept. 12, and is the second single released from Coldplay’s new album Mylo Xyloto, which will be released on Oct. 24.

“Paradise” is a song that has everyone playing it on repeat. It has already become one of iTunes’s top ten songs of the week.

It is hard to resist not singing along to the moving lyrics. The piano and violin set the intriguing upbeat feeling of the song, only to be described as learning the journey of life. Each and every time you listen to this song you learn more about its message.

This is truly a song that everyone can relate to, as we all dream of our own paradise.

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