Leaving San Jose crowds wonderstruck and breathless is what Taylor Swift does best

With over eight flawless costume changes, elaborate props that seemed to come off of Broadway stages, and a musical set list that turned notes magically into fairytale stories, the beautiful Taylor Swift did it again in San Jose, judging from the 13,500 people who arrived, most of who were teenage girls who never rested their voices as they screamed and sang the night away.

On Sept. 2, after two opening acts that left the audience anxious for more, the lights immediately fell and the sounds of high-pitched squeals echoed throughout the HP Pavilion, filling up the little emptiness left that the sold out seats couldn’t.

After a pre-recorded introduction that contained both heartfelt words as well as suspense, smoke surrounded the stage as Swift, in a shimmering gold dress, was raised onto the stage. The shrieks that most thought couldn’t get any louder got ten times as deafening at the sight of Swift, the girls’ idol.

“Sparks Fly” kicked off the over two hour long concert with a bang as sparks literally flew up during the song and strobe lights illuminated the arena, as if the thousands of glow sticks didn’t do that themselves.

It was like a big karaoke gathering as the fans sang along with Swift song after song. Back-up dancers jumped up through the false floors in colorful attire that perfectly blended in with the vintage dresses Swift wore.

The theatrics included antique frames hanging in the background that changed pictures periodically, bridges coming down from above and a fluorescent tree with a rotating seat attached. These kept even the less-enthusiastic chaperoning dads entertained.

The fairytale vibes were made clear throughout the surreal experience: running away with the groom in “Speak Now,” acrobats flinging down from bells 20 feet in the air during “Haunted,” and confetti covering the fans in a white blanket during a piano mash-up of “Back to December,” “You’re Not Sorry,” and One Republic’s “Apologize.”

Feet began to grow tired from jumping constantly, voices were close to giving in, and ears were at the point of bleeding from the noise, but no one was complaining as Swift took attention away from all of that and put it towards the songs that spoke raw emotions about situations we’ve all gone through. The messages behind the lyrics were also expressed strongly and it’s because of this that Swift was able to capture the hearts of countless.

The finale ended as Swift soared over the crowd in a balcony as more confetti burst from either end of the stage. One last round of screams was heard before a red curtain dropped over the singer and her band.

The fairytale that Swift created began and ended in an instant, but the memories made and shared by her on such flawless night will last a lifetime.

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