Call Of Duty: Black Ops spellbinds

With Call of Duty: Black Ops selling 5.6 million copies and making $360 million on its first day of release, you can tell that it’s a pretty popular game, evenmore popular than last year’s Modern Warfare 2 (which only sold about 4.7 million copies).

Black Ops contains an excellent single player campaign. It has a great, mysterious twist. The player has to pay attention in order to figure out what is happening to the main character, Mason. Mason and his friend Victor Reznov have to kill three blood-thirsty men. Two of them are Russians, Dragovich and Crevchenko, and the third one is a Nazi doctor called Dr. Steiner.

Before the Russians defeated the Germans in World War 2, Steiner was working on project Nova 6. Nova 6 is a deadly gas that kills a person before he or she hits the floor. When the Russian army wins the war, Dragovich and Crevchenko capture Dr. Steiner so he could help them obtain Nova 6 and use it for their own dastardly plan of destroying the US. The single player mode is a great twist and you must play it to fully understand the game.

While the single player is nothing to complain about, the multi-player is very similar to all the other Call of Duty series. You earn experience points to gain unlockables and rank up to get promoted. In this game, there are a lot of things to unlock and you can even put your emblem on your weapon.

Perhaps the best perk to this game is the new zombie mode. Players must survive waves and waves of zombies. In order to survive, they must turn on the power.

The new single player and new zombie mode make this game a must have for Call of Duty fans.

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