Senior hopes to make it big with beats

In ten years, senior Brandon McChesney sees himself selling his third major hip-hop album and influencing people with his astounding music. Ever since fifth grade, McChesney has taken his life experiences and made them into uplifting raps.

He started his dream of becoming a well-known artist by releasing his first mix-tape this past September, called See the World Differently. Writing all of his own material, this 18-year-old has a promising future, filled with music and soul.

Unlike the mainstream music you hear on the radio, McChesney raps about relatable and inspiring experiences. From his mix-tape, you can hear music ranging from love to striving towards your dream and goal.

His tape’s lyrics have a lasting effect on high school teenagers. I’m not big hip-hop fan, but See the World Differently had me listening to all the tracks on repeat.

“Don’t go for what you hear on the radio. If you say something, say something you mean,” advises McChesney.

With a laid back personality and mature sense of awareness, McChesney takes after some of his favorite artists and rappers. These include Kid Cudi, which you can gather from McChesney’s inspiring tones and friendly lyrics. Others are well-known artists such as Drake, Kanye West, Blu and Charles Hamilton.

“I love listening to music,” McChesney explains.

He grew up in the San Leandro hip-hop scene. Since he was young, McChesney has always been striving towards becoming a famous artist.

“My next tape is going to be crazier. It’s going to be good. I’m excited,” exclaimed McChesney.

He’s currently working on a second tape, following See the World Differently. Travis Mocker is helping to produce the second mix-tape titled Rise of Wyze.

McChesney hopes to have his music effect the people that listen to it in a positive way. You can find him on Facebook for his first tape and information about his up and coming second.

McChesney also hopes to have his music available on iTunes soon.

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