Athlete of the Month: Cristian Villarreal

Senior Cristian Villarreal is no stranger to the soccer field. An avid soccer player since the age of seven, Villarreal is quickly rising to fill the demanding position of a player on the CVHS varsity soccer team.

 In a recent intense game against Encinal High, the score was tied. With both teams furiously battling for the win, Villarreal made a vital assist, giving CVHS the winning goal.

“It was definitely my favorite moment of the season so far,” Villarreal remarked.

Villarreal has played for CVHS all throughout his high school career, but this is his first year on the varsity team.

Even though his passion for the game is strong, when asked what his favorite part about playing for CVHS was, he replied, “I think that the best part is being a part of our team. We all have a lot of fun together.”

He looks forward to a good season this year, and hopes to create many more memories with his teammates both on and off the field.

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