The glamour and stress that comes with prom

Prom- the night that many high schoolers look forward to all year long. The glamour, limos, pictures and memories that last forever. The idea is all so pretty and exciting, until the time actually comes and you have to break open your wallet. You start to question whether or not the hundreds of dollars are worth the four hours of the actual event, plus the all-day preparation. Is prom too commercialized?

First, the search for dresses begins, often months before the actual day of prom. Not only do girls worry about the stress of finding the perfect dress for them, but they also need to find them at the right price. I refuse to spend over $200 on a dress that I’ll most likely wear once, so finding a dress that you like that is also in your budget can be a bit of a challenge.

CVHS, and I’m sure other schools as well, even has a Twitter and Instagram page where you can anonymously submit your dress, in order to try and avoid wearing the same dress as someone else, since that is almost considered a fashion sin.

Next, there is the pressure that society places on teens that they’re supposed to have a date. Although it may be nice to have a date to take pictures with and to coordinate your dress with their bow tie, a date really isn’t necessary. Sometimes, it may even be better to just spend the night with your friends, in order to have the best memories.

Perhaps one of the most fun, but also stressful, parts of prom is getting ready. Last year, I was done with my makeup and hair about ten minutes before I was supposed to be taking pictures with my group. Meanwhile, other girls were done with their makeup and hair nearly 6 hours before prom even started. I’m not even sure what the necessary standard time is for getting ready.

By that time, you’re already somewhat tired, and prom hasn’t even begun yet. Prom is definitely the most fun night of the year, but after standing around in heels for hours and hours on end, you really start to wonder if all of the time, energy, and money was worth the results.

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