Mechanical pencils: the way of the future

“Time!” said the SAT test instructor. “Put your pencils down and flip your tests over immediately. They will be collected shortly.”
Cripes! If only I had been a minute quicker, I could have put the final touches on my essay that would have guaranteed me a high score. Now I would have to leave the piece unfinished, with a dramatic lead-in and powerful supporting points all leading up to…nothing. I cannot stand leaving a piece of writing unfinished; however, I would be forced to do exactly this, all because of a faulty pencil that kept breaking during the exam. It was frustrating to me as a writer, knowing that my academic performance hinged on a little stick of wood that could break or smear at any moment. Something had to change.
It became apparent after the SAT incident that I would need to upgrade my writing toolbox if I wanted to produce quality essays in a short time. I asked around after the SAT, at the library, in the bookstore, even in the local Peet’s coffee shop, all to no avail. I was about to shelve the issue, with the intention of reluctantly returning to my mediocre wooden #2 pencil, when I ran into an old friend, Dr. Grant Lin. Though he was a mathematician by training, Grant had always had an affinity for writing. If anyone knew of the elusive writing device, he would.After a bit of light chatting, followed up with tea and biscuits at my place, the discussion turned to pencils.

“Of course you need something better than that stick-looking thing on your desk,” he said. “Why I haven’t used one of those in years. It’s all about the mechanical pencil now!”

I was astonished. My friend just informed me of the existence of a mechanical writing device. To me, the idea was no less than absurd!
He went on to explain to me the workings of the device. It is a small tube constructed of either metal or plastic, with minuscule sticks of graphite “lead” in the middle. Ingenious, if I do say so myself!

This magnificent new device, without a doubt, outclasses its competitors in every category. It can be taken wherever one may choose, without fear of broken tips or cracks in the shaft. Its thin yet durable graphite rods make for a tip that is both dexterous and strong. If I had been using one of these on my SAT, I surely would have finished my essay, with extra time to spare!

Above the tip is a soft finger pad, a welcome ergonomic change from the hard, sweat-inducing barrel of the traditional pencil. Resting on top of the main barrel is a handy shirt-clip, and located above the clip, a conveniently placed eraser. This eraser is usually replaceable, so instead of adding one of those silly eraser caps when yours wears down, you can simply buy a new one! All of these pleasing aspects combine into one supremely crafted product.
The mechanical pencil is quickly becoming the gold standard for writing utilities worldwide. You need to try a mechanical pencil today; I am sure it will improve your life, just as it improved mine. The future is coming, ladies and gentlemen. It’s time to get on board.

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