Lunch schedule to stay the same for the 2016-17 year

The CVHS lunch schedule will stay the same next school year, a decision that should make many students thankful.

Most students strongly dislike the combined lunch option, though most teachers support it.

“I think that this is a good decision because if it did happen, students wouldn’t have a place to sit or eat their lunch because of how crowded it would be if all grades had the same lunch period,” said junior Caitlin Wong.

With nearly 3,000 students at CVHS, places to eat during lunch tend to get crowded and fill up quickly. Also, the wait for the cafeteria lunches during combined lunch tends to get long, while many students cut in line, angering other students.

“I think we have to do more research on what is possible because a lot of the issues around the lunch schedule has to do with the capacity of the cafeteria,” said Principal Blaine Torpey. “We found that overwhelmingly many students wanted to keep the split lunch because of space.”

Despite the many reasons why students are happy about this decision, teachers are not.

“I still feel really strongly that it’s in the best interest for students to have combined lunch every day. I think that it means teachers make themselves more available to students,” said social studies teacher Carmelina Frasca. “I think it means every student can participate in every club or activity without constantly having to have special schedules and it makes sense because students avoid all the noise in the hallways during lunch.”  


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