Amount of suspensions rise following a short decline


In the 2013-14 school year, suspension rates for CVHS increased. The number of suspensions increased to 131 students from 107 in 2012-13. But both years had fewer sus

suspensionspensions than 2011-12, when CVHS suspended 198 students.

In the entire district, suspensions increased from 445 students in 2012-13 to 481 students in 2013-14.

“I think suspensions are good, you only get suspended for breaking certain rules,” said senior Siby Samuel. “Suspensions are a great way to provide incentive for kids not to misbehave and they are a great way to enforce the rules.”

Of the 131 suspensions at CVHS, 74 percent were boys and 26 percent were girls. About 4.4 percent of CVHS students were suspended last year.

Students tend to act up more during holidays or big school events, mainly because they are excited, school officials said. The administration believes it is because when one student act up, others tend to follow. To solve this issue, Assistant Principal Sharon Baltazar proposes that students not follow the other students acting inappropriately, but try and lead by example and not misbehave.

“Other measures of corrective actions are taken, but when these actions are exhausted the students will be suspended,” said Assistant Principal Ruben Mata.

There were 652 district wide suspension days, and most of the suspensions related to fighting, drugs, alcohol or defiance.

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