Classes with African American focus considered

CVHS has offered the same history and English classes for many years, but now there may be a slight change. Starting next year some sections of U.S. History and American Literature may be changed and begin to have an African American focus.

The core material in these classes will be similar but the new courses will have a focus on African American culture and experience.

The reason for this change goes back to last year when Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) visited for three days. The visitors noticed that CVHS did not offer much background and support for our African American students. School leaders sought to close this learning gap and to offer curriculum that is important to all students.

“It’s still a very different experience for African Americans than whites in our schools,” said teacher Kevin Batchelor, who may teach the new African American U.S. History class. Batchelor believes that this new change is a good idea and very helpful.

Overall these classes won’t change drastically from the state and district required courses; they will just be adding to their curriculum.

“Anyone can take these classes with the interest of learning about African American culture,” said English teacher Amanda Staab, who serves on an advisory committee considering the classes.

Offering more support and information about the experience of the African Americans in America will make our student body feel more attuned with their history, teachers hope.

Teachers are still discussing and planning the new project.

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