District hopes to avoid more budget cuts

Castro Valley High School will not have to worry about increasing budget cuts next year, believe CVUSD board members who met on May 26 to discuss the May revision of the state’s budget for public schools.

“The news is getting better but the uncertainty remains,” commented Mike Bush, assistant superintendent.

The May revision of the budget in is line with Gov. Jerry Brown’s January budget proposal. According to the May revision:

Re-development agencies will be eliminated.
Property taxes will be redirected to schools.
Programs will be realigned from the state to the local level.
Taxes will be extended if voted on.
Community colleges and higher education funding will be reduced drastically.

The May revision of the state’s budget gave the state $6.6 billion in extra funding for schools when compared to January’s proposal.

“The indication is things are on the uptake,” remarked Bush

The budget depends on the future and the continued support of voters. Otherwise more cuts will be taken. The state received more money this year because of an increase in personal income tax collections.

“The state says the increase in tax revenue is because of the higher income individuals. However, unemployment took a big jump. If that’s the case we’re going to have less revenue,” said board member president John Barbieri.

“Can we go the bank with that? We don’t know. The current revenue levels are sufficient to uphold state spending,” added Bush.

Currently each student in the CVUSD is receiving $800 less than in 2007. As for the CVUSD’s budget, it was planning on a $349 reduction in funding per student but the state’s new budget is telling CVUSD to rely on that money. CVUSD is going to plan for the worst and if in fact the state does provide that funding then it will save it for the 2012-13 school year.

“To us on the grass roots it feels like they’re not listening to us,” protested board member Jo Loss.

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