There’s a doctor in the house

Resource Specialist Tracy Fields has achieved the highest level degree in education: a doctorate. Fields took five years to complete her doctorate and attended a myriad of colleges and universities in the process.


After completing high school, Fields attended Merritt College, Oakland for two years before transferring to San Francisco State University. At SF State, she double majored in Business Administration and Personnel Administration and Industrial Relations.


Fields then moved on to the University of San Francisco for two years, where she got her masters in education and her teaching credential.


Fields also received a Doctor of Education, Learning and Instruction with an emphasis in Special Education from the University of San Francisco. Obtaining a doctorate allows Fields to become a full-time teacher educator in higher education.


Fields’ motivation comes from within: “I’m always motivated by learning and acquiring knowledge. It was an opportunity that presented itself,” stated Fields.


She plans to implement current research and innovative practices learned during her studies to supplement her teaching pedagogy here at CVHS.


One such innovative practice is called Universal Design. “Universal Design is a comprehensive teaching strategy to improve student performance,” said Fields.


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C Fields says to “make sure that you have the time, commitment, finances, and support to complete the doctorate.”


In her spare time, which is little, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family.


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