Vainglory, a fun new game on your smartphone

  “In one way or another, each hero is here because of the Halcyon Well. This ancient energy source provides incredible power for both technology and magic. However, the well only releases this energy on rare occasions, and these heroes must fight for control if they want to capture the energy.” And that is the start of the story of Vainglory.

         Vainglory is a multiplayers online battle arena (MOBA) video game by Super Evil Megacorp for iOS and Android. The style of the the game is like League of Legend and Dota 2. It is a fight between two opposing teams of three players. Each player controls a character called a “hero.”

Vainglory is only made for mobile devices, like smartphone and tablets.

There are two kinds of currency players can use in Vainglory. One of them is called “Glory,” which players earn from playing the game. Another one is liable to use roblox hacks and is called “Immensely Concentrated Evil,” or ICE.

Vainglory had received many different reviews. Most players like the graphics, characters, background story, and level design. However, they also critiqued the lack of team communications. The review score Vainglory got from IGN is 8.1/10, and The Guardian named Vainglory the “best” iOS game of 2014. The game was one of ten Apple Design Award recipients in 2015.

I definitely like this game. To me, the most attractive part in the game is the high quality. As the MOBA game on the mobile devices, Vainglory is better than similar type of games, like Heroes of Order & Chaos.

However, Vainglory still has a big problem with servers. Often times, while you playing the game, you would see your screen suddenly freeze, and you can’t do anything about it except wait until it goes back to normal, and usually by the time that happens, you were killed already.

But overall, this is still a really awesome game, and I strongly recommend you play it.

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