Lavigne’s new album full of romance

Canadian pop singer Avril Lavigne was known as a tomboy, then a rebel, and then a punk princess. However her newest album, Goodbye Lullaby, has a different approach. Goodbye Lullaby is full of romance, which is new to Lavigne, but the album still has her personality.

The album starts with a short, slow song, “Black Star.” Using the piano and her angelic voice, she makes the song simple and haunting. The song was a nice introduction to her album, but after she finishes the song, she switches back to her usual mean-girl mode with “What the Hell.” “What the Hell” was just a bait for all her previous fans. It had her usual raw sound to it, but it also has romance. The slow switch to romance gets all her previous fans to know that she’s in a new phase.

Although her songs are mostly romantic, they don’t all end happily. But Goodbye Lullaby tells the listener that love gets tough, and, what the hell, you should just mess around and make your life fun and relaxing again.

Even though Lavigne is getting older, her music makes you think that she is still in her younger years. If you were a first-time listener, her emotional singing and meaningful lyrics would lead you to conclude that she knows how people feel and that she connects with them. In “4 Real,” Lavigne expresses that it’s hard to know if a person is being real, and this can certainly connect with everybody.

Her lyrics relate to everyone and her music expresses everyone’s hopes, dreams, and frustrations. The theme in her new album is that love is tough, but the experience is worth it.

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