Michael Kusiak goes green for Measure G

Measure G advocate Michael Kusiak walked into the Rae Talbot Salon to do the most ridiculous thing a middle-aged man could do: dye his hair green.

“I got involved my kids’ schools and I realized that the school community is the glue that holds our community together,” said Kusiak. “The schools need basic improvements, but money is needed to make these improvements.”

Kusiak came up with the idea to dye his hair green to promote awareness about the remaining Measure G campaign debt when he and his hair stylist, Nicole Ruiz, joked about it. Green is one of the CVHS colors, and it is the color of money. Kusiak thinks that the unusual hair color will draw attention to him and strike up some interesting conversations, which will lead to awareness about the remaining campaign debt.

“We were thinking about ways to raise awareness and convince people to support Measure G, and we came up with this idea as a joke,” said Kusiak.

Kusiak made the bold decision to dye his hair a specific shade of light green that is similar to the Joker’s hair. It did not work out in the end, and his hair remains a sea green tint. Ruiz and some other stylists also convinced Kusiak to dye his eyebrows green. He looked hilarious at the end of his appointment, sporting a sea green quiff and green eyebrows.

Measure G is a bond issue stemming from school infrastructure needs. Voters approved $123 million in bonds to help schools improve internal issues, such as leaky roofs and poor heating, by increasing the property tax rate by $60 per $100,000 of property value. The measure passed on June 7, 2016.

Kusiak and his fellow campaigners tried to keep the campaign expense low, but they still spent around $60,000 and incurred a debt of $15,000. Kusiak later announced that he would wear his new green hair in a bun to a business meeting if the $2,501 goal was reached. He also said he would do things such as eat kale for a week, and dress up in a suit and get a dog to attack him. So far Kusiak had already managed to raise roughly $1,500.

To contribute to Measure G, visit www.paypal.me/MeasureG.



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