Janatpour-Brown family recognized for contribution

After seven years with CVHS athletics, parents Mary Janatpour and Mark Brown were named honorary captains of the CVHS football team in recognition for everything they have done for the program and the Castro Valley sports community.

As a pair of bricks in the entryway of the stadium say, the Janatpour-Brown family made Castro Valley its home in the year 2000. After deciding to move to Castro Valley, Janatpour and Brown made a decision that would later become one of the biggest parts of their lives: involving both of their kids in Castro Valley sports. Their oldest son began playing T-ball at the age of four. Later on, both of their kids went on to play for the San Leandro Crusaders football team, which prepared them for high school football.

Both parents have been deeply involved in their sons’ atheletics. Janatpour dedicated her time as a team mom and athletic boosters board president. Brown coached baseball, basketball, and football to give his sons a better understanding of the sport they were so passionate about.

Even though this may seem like a simple task for some parents, being part of this community is everything but easy. Brown works as senior drafter for East Bay Municipal Utilities District and Janatpour is senior director at Dynavax Technologies. This means they both have full time jobs, two young men to raise, and all the responsibilities that being part of the football family entails. The couple can be seen cheering at every game, fundraising money and supporting the coaches. Brown even films all the games to make sure every player gets good footage and highlights to use for future college recruitments.

“As a family we have sacrificed a lot. Our kids were always in sports so that meant we weren’t doing other things. We have things that we’ve missed out on as a family because of sports, but the tradeoff is what I see the boys have learned in terms of their life experience, their discipline, their putting the work in and getting the reward. Even the bad stuff has prepared them very well for life,” said Janatpour.

As their time as football parents came to an end, the football team felt the need to recogize the family’s time and work ethic.  

One of the things both of them highlighted about the program is the sense of family and camaraderie that coach Denny Molzen has helped to create.

“The football experience the program offers goes beyond high school, it creates a true brotherhood that kind of transcends the sport,” said Brown.

Walking with their youngest son, Cameron Brown, during senior night before their last local football game was sad and a little surreal for the parents. However they were proud of what they and their sons had accomplished.

“Thank you for the experience and the opportunity to be part of it and thanks Coach Molzen. I highly encourage sports parents to stay involved, the strength comes from parents supporting the program,” said Janatpour.

Even after their youngest son graduates, they still plan on supporting and cheering for their local high school football team. Even so, the Janatpour-Brown family will be missed by the football team and the Castro Valley athletic community, but their legacy will  always be remembered.

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