Softball squad powers past Pirates

Softball teams and spectators gathered on the varsity softball field on April 17 to watch the Trojans compete against the San Leandro Pirates. The Trojans easily won the game with a score of 2-0.

In the first and second inning, multiple players from both teams hit and gained bases, but never made it back to home plate. At this point in the game, both teams were anxious over who would take the lead.

During the third inning, Trojans Yazmine Romero and Sara Ward got two runs, which put the Trojans in the lead with a score of 2-0. The Pirates continued to play competitively, however they were still unable to score.

During the fourth, fifth, and sixth inning of the game both teams were unable to score any more runs, despite multiple good hits and base gains. This left the overall score at 2-0, granting the Trojans the win. The Trojans were ecstatic that their hard work and loud cheers from the dugout had paid off.

“Our hard work this season has definitely paid off and made us one of the most dominant teams in our area,” said varsity softball player Alana Gusman.

“San Leandro is one of the better teams in our league, we kept our heads in the game and kept our undefeated streak,” added varsity softball player Emily Shaw.

Coach Marie Gray, however, remained critical about the win.

“Good game, solid defense, and outstanding pitching. Delani struck out 16 of the 27 batters she faced. We should have done a better job hitting the ball with runners on base. We left nine runners on and that is how teams lose games, not win them,” stated Gray.

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