CV badminton crushes Hayward 13-2

Photo by Suzanna Chak
Photo by Suzanna Chak

After a flurry of birdies and swinging rackets, the CVHS badminton team successfully crushed Hayward High 13-2 on Thursday, April 10.

“The team is working hard. Their passion and dedication has led us to winning out second place title. We are one game away from out first place,” said senior Andrew Fox.

“Our game went really well,” said senior Christina Truong. “It felt like all our practice paid off. Despite the rumors that warned us that the other team improved a lot, we still came out strong.”

“We gave a pretty strong team all-around. Our JV ones were playing their varsity threes. They won most their matches, which shows the quality of our team,” said assistant coach Robert Patrick.

The team has been having strong season so far, with nine wins and one loss.

For Patrick, it has been a great experience coaching and has exposed him to a different side of the school.

Teddy Yau is the new head coach, and the school has been supporting the team a lot. There is new equipment on order from Britain that is stuck in customs.

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