Boys tennis comes to a close

With the 2012-13 boys tennis season coming to a close, the players are already looking forward to next season, having been eliminated in the second round of the North Coast Sectional Championships (NCS) by Miramonte High School.

“I feel like the squad as a whole did very well,” said freshman Calvin Tang. “We ended up tied with Piedmont for first in the league.”

 “The team performed flawlessly. We played some of our best games this year,” said junior Matthew Cheung. “I couldn’t have asked for a better team.”

“I had a lot of fun cheering on my teammates at the matches this year. It’s always a nice feeling when a close game that the team needs ends in your favor,” said Cheung.

“My favorite part of my first season on the tennis squad was how supportive everyone was towards each other,” said Tang. “It really helped to have your friends out at the court with you, cheering you on.”

The Trojans’ endless enthusiasm will drive them forward towards victory in the years to come.


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