Ice Breakers dominate the Dodgeball Tournament

dodgeball0As flashes of green and yellow dodgeballs sped across the gym, students were pegged left and right at this year’s Dodgeball Tournament, which lasted from Feb. 11 to Feb. 15. The cheers of the audience were deafening as players sprinted across the court, determined to win as players maneuvered away from oncoming dodgeballs and threw them at maximum speeds towards opposing teams.

“I love seeing the copious amounts of athleticism and physical prowess that our athletes display,” said John Edwards, PE teacher and tournament referee.

Students such as senior Jesus Ornelas of 4 Year Survivor and sophomore Anthony Chew of  #NickDang have both demonstrated a great amount of athletic proficiency during the tournament.

Not only have CVHS athletes shown their knack for dodgeball, but their spirit as well. Senior Kyler White of #NickDang, which won the award the most spirited team, ripped his shirt off to reveal his white fringe t-shirt with his team name on it when #NickDang was presented with the medals.

But although all participants exhibited the abilities and drive needed to advance through the competition, some teams had proved to be more fortunate than others. Teams such as The Teachers haven’t been as successful in the tournament, much to their dismay.

“Another year, another loss,” said history teacher Kevin Batchelor, who hasn’t seen his team win a single game in the past five years.

Congratulations to all teams who participated in this year’s competition, especially to the Ice Breakers, who won the Dodgeball Tournament. Composed of seniors Joshua Ferguson, Joshua Hicken, Joshua Khan, Nicholas Walsh, Jamal Woodard, and freshman Matthew Barraza, the team dominated the competition all the way through.

“It feels good that we made it so far,” said Woodard. “Realizing our mistakes from the past four years was the best way to prepare.”

Beginning with a rocky start, the Ice Breakers relied on Walsh to make a comeback for the entire team when all the members were eliminated on their first game, and another comeback from Hicken during their second game. The odds truly turned in their favor during the final match of the competition.

Up against White Lightning, the Ice Breakers beautifully handled the first match of three for the finals, eliminating all of White Lightning without getting hit at all. White Lightning proved to be more determined to win the second match, crushing the Ice Breakers and pegging Walsh in the face at one point. In the finale, members of both teams were slowly eliminated one by one, nerves racking as the audience grew restless and eager to see the winner. With Hicken and Barraza of the Ice Breakers on one side, and Cameron Niven of White Lightning on the other, time had eventually run out and the Ice Breakers had won the Dodgeball Tournament.


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