Underclass(wo)men victorious in Powderpuff

Rows of combined sophomores and seniors, along with their opponents, the juniors and freshmen, faced each other underneath the warm sun on  May 11, for the annual Powderpuff girls football game.

Assistant Principal Jason Whiteman said that this year’s game is the fifth he’s seen. “Over the years, you definitely see the teams becoming closer. There’s less rivalry and violence,” explained Whiteman.  “Years ago, the competition would get so bad that there were even a few suspensions.” Whiteman has observed that recently there have been more active displays of sportsmanship.

The game started off with a bang, with junior Kaeani Abilar immediately scoring a touchdown for her team. The sophomores and seniors fought back. It was clear that the teams were very experienced.

Kelsey Donovan, one of Leadership’s coordinators for the Powderpuff game, said that the coach selection process is intensive. “Interested football players send in applications. There were a lot this year,” Donovan explained.

Derek Chan, coach for the juniors and freshmen, said the experience was very rewarding and he wants to coach again next year. “We basically teach the girls everything we learned from being in the football team,” said Chan.  “It’s my first year doing it, and I really want to do it again.”

According to junior Erika Arens, practices were all week and were two hours each day. “I’ve been in Powderpuff since freshman year, and I love it. It’s something unique that you can’t find at a lot of other schools.”

Junior Lexie Arens called the event “the best activity at CVHS.”

As the game carried on, the competition grew more intense. There were even a few injuries; both teams were obviously determined to win. Freshman Suhani Abdullah scored another touchdown for her team, making the score 12-0 right before halftime.

In the third quarter, the sophomores and seniors upped their game, scoring a touchdown and altering the score to 12-6. After an exchange from defense to offense, the juniors and freshmen attained victory, with a final score of 12-6.

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