He shoots, he scores!

The main gym was filled with a loud, enthusiastic crowd at the three-on-three basketball tournament finale on Wednesday, May 9.
The student team, consisting of seniors Eli Davis, Matt Murphy and Ronny Marasigan, went head-to-head against staff members Nic McMaster, Glenn Mitchell and Michael Kentris in an intense battle. In the end, the students defeated the teachers with a winning score of 23-20.
The student team started off with the ball, the first nine points scored by the teachers.  At 4:30 left in the game, the students broke the streak, setting the final score of the first half at 9-8, with the teachers remaining in the lead.
In the second half, Murphy placed the students in the lead at 10-9, followed by Marasigan who set the score at 13-9.  After two points gained by Kentris, opponent Davis scored two points as well, raising the bar to 15-11.  Mitchell then brought the score to 15-13, leaving the students still in the lead.
With a mere 1:00 left in the game, the teachers were back on top with a score of 18-15.  After two more points gained by the staff, Davis set the score at 20-18, the students behind by two.  In the last few seconds of the game, Murphy made the winning shot, bringing the final score to 23-20.
Reflecting on his team’s performance, staff player Mitchell said their size proved useful in the game.

“Mr. McMaster and Mr. Kentris did a good job at boxing people out and rebounding,” Mitchell added.
In regards to how the opposing team played, Mitchell offered praise.
“They were very fast. They could drive to the basket well and shoot well from outside,” Mitchell said.

Staff player Kentris, on the other hand, was slightly disappointed with the outcome of the game.
“I think it’s nice the students won because it seems the staff wins everything.  It was only fair.  But the officiating down the stretch was very questionable and the refs had no idea what to do when time ran out and we were tied.”

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