CVHS badminton team defeats Moreau

CVHS offers numerous sports on campus, but a significant one that’s playing a fantastic season is the badminton team. Badminton is a highly skilled and competitive sport that deals with a lot of hand-eye coordination, speed, and a strong mindset. The Trojans’ badminton squad defeated Moreau on April 5.

Although Moreau is a competitive school, CVHS won 10 out of 15 games played. After an intense game, varsity badminton player Victoria Liang stated her opinion about the badminton season so far: “There were some rough patches before the season started, but I really think the team as a whole is doing better. We have many new players this year but they all work extremely hard to improve everyday. I have been on the team since freshman year. With that being said, it’s obvious that I love the sport.”

Liang speaks up about the commitment the players have with badminton and her dedication to the sport. It is apparent that the badminton team spends numerous hours practicing and training to become the best.

According to senior Janela Love Nartates, “We have a lot of new players on the team this year. After getting to know the players, it’s been a delight working with them.”

From the time the entire teams puts into practices and drills, it is evident the team is working their very best. As the season approaches its end, the record for the team is 4-3. Overall, the CVHS badminton team is motivated to get to the top and win many more upcoming games.

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