The charm of local businesses

Castro Valley is filled with local businesses, but many people don’t appreciate their importance in our community. You can tell a lot about a community just by looking at the small independent businesses it has. They give a town its character.

All local businesses have their own sense of unique style, differentiating them from other businesses. They are a breath of fresh air when you’re used to all the basic chain stores that cover most areas.

Little local restaurants often serve food prepared using their own family recipes, giving them something special. I love driving through little towns on road trips and seeing all the small, local businesses clustered on the main street.

Local business owners are dedicated to the communities that they are a part of, and are usually very nice. My family and I used to go to Jenny’s Cafe on Castro Valley Blvd. for breakfast almost every Sunday, but it recently closed. The couple that owned the restaurant knew us very well and knew our orders by heart. They would get excited when they saw us walk through the door. They are very friendly people and loved to hear about how our lives were going.

Another great small business in Castro Valley is Portales, a cute little Mexican restaurant on the Boulevard. The owners are extremely kind and the food is fantastic.

Local businesses thrive solely on their success in one location unlike bigger chain businesses, which operate elsewhere. These small businesses may not seem to have a big impact but they are a huge part of a small town.

Instead of going to the chain restaurant for your next meal, why not try a local business instead?

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