“The Gaycist Truth”

Homosexuality was considered a psychiatric diagnosis by the American Psychiatric Association until the year 1973. Many heterosexuals, especially in the past, have harbored negative feelings towards homosexuals or “gays,” having a sort of homophobia.

We still have extreme prejudice towards gays in America, while most would think we would have realized that being homophobic is the same as being racist. While it’s a terrible thing to be racist, some feel it’s just fine to harm gays with prejudice.

Almost all people in the U.S. think it is terribly wrong to use degrading and offensive terms such as some racial slurs. However not many of those people stop to think how offensive the word “faggot” is or the expression “that’s so gay.”

Just recently, gay marriage was legalized in California, which is supposed to be one of the most diverse and culturally accepting states in America. Some people are so ignorant that they believe that you can “cure” homosexuality through a forcing of religion or that being gay is a choice people make and not something written into their DNA. But when thinking logically, how would being forced to become more religious suddenly change one’s sexuality? Also if gays can choose to become heterosexuals, then straight people can obviously choose to become homosexuals because it would work the same way. Neither of these statements are anywhere close to the truth so all they do is insult, upset and discourage gays.

People chooses to be gay just as much as they choose gender, the color of their skin, the color of their eyes, who their parents are, where they live and how wealthy their families are.

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