Too much PDA?

Graphic by Leia Saelee.
Graphic by Leia Saelee.

Everyone sees couples holding hands in the halls, kissing in corners, and sitting in each other’s laps. At CVHS, it seems like couples’ PDA, or publicly displays of their affection, goes to the max. And I can’t blame them (unfortunately). It’s not like I haven’t spent lunch periods gazing into a loved one’s eyes either. It happens. Teenagers have hormones, and when 3,000 kids are dropped off at school for eight hours a day, those hormones are bound to show.

However, there is a fine line between being a cute couple and blinding everyone with your physical contact. No, I don’t need to see you stick your tongues in each other’s mouths, thanks for the offer though. And does your hand really need to hold theirs in the chaotic minutes after school in 300 hall? I’m sorry, maybe I missed the PowerPoint about how you will self destruct without their touch 24/7.

Could we tone it down a little, CVHS? It’s not even Halloween and my heart already seethes with anger when I see two people glued by the hand lumbering through a crowded hallway. Now, I’m not a cynic. I like seeing two people who are genuinely happy with each other’s company, and I think all the over the top Winter Ball proposals super charming. However, I think there are many ways to express your love for each other, and some are better done in private.

For example, when I went to the Fall Festival on Sunday, something I saw there enraged me. Among the olive oil and vinegar stands, the multiple food trucks, and the small jewelry stands, there was a couple sleeping on the grass. Who goes to a community festival and sleeps on the grass in the middle of the walkway? I understand that most high schoolers want to have that “star crossed love.” They want cute moments they can romanticize on Tumblr and cute photos they can post on Instagram. But couples, especially couples who feel the need to constantly touch, first need to realize that other people are around them and there is a time and place for being “Instagram cute.”

In conclusion, keep your hands to yourself, express your love in other ways, and realize that being in love does not justify making others uncomfortable when you have your hand in the back of their pant pockets.

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