The past four years

As college beckons in the upcoming months, students may begin to feel a mix of emotions, whether they are happy, excited, sad, or nervous. High school, a place where students are able to explore a bit and figure out what their interests are, has swiftly gone by. Now, a chapter of our lives has ended but the story has just begun.

To some extent, these past four years have given us the chance to do whatever we wanted; the only thing that stood in the way was ourselves. CVHS gave us many opportunities and it was up to us to take advantage of them. Every freshman had the chance to join the clubs they wanted, take some of the classes they were interested in, and get involved in any way possible.

For me, as an incoming freshman, I didn’t really know what to expect, but as the years went by I quickly discovered all the obvious and subtle opportunities I had available. It all started with club day, with all these clubs screaming at me to join; I ignored them and did not join a club until second semester of my freshman year. Coincidentally, during the second semester, the freshman vice presidential position was open and I convinced myself to run for the position. Although I did not win, I began to see what I was capable of. I then became more active within school and also outside of school.

I became a member of Interact and saw how important it was to put “service above self.”  Volunteering and interning at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center and Special Olympics opened my eyes to the world of health care and medicine; which I have chosen as my future career goal. Other activities included being a Link Crew leader, a staff writer and editor in journalism, and founding the Eat Right Club, the only club on campus with a focus on healthy eating and exercise.

High school has been a very rewarding and worthwhile time, aside from all the drama. Personally, I feel that I have fully taken advantage of all the opportunities given to me in school and outside of school. Congratulations class of 2011!


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