“Perfect student” more than just grades

As a high school student nearing her senior year and cramming to achieve a better GPA, I sometimes wonder what makes a “perfect student.” Perfect GPA? Perfect SAT scores?

I definitely have neither of those two and sometimes I feel I’m not achieving things to my full potential (especially when my parents check my grades with the awful Aeries system and nearly faint).

The thing is, I feel as if we high school students already have so much going on in our lives. Some students have sports, musical activities, and/or part-time jobs, and most have social lives. It’s difficult to juggle extracurricular activities, homework, tests, and quizzes.
I am not complaining about the amount of homework our teachers give us. It is a teacher’s job to assign homework. There are also many teachers at CVHS who are understanding and sympathetic about our schedules and try their best to rearrange exams to the students’ benefit.
However, what I am trying to bring to attention is that we’re not superheroes. The occasional B or C isn’t because we’re slacking off. We really may have tried, but simply experienced off days.
Teachers and parents need to get off our backs, but we ourselves have to appreciate ourselves for the amount of work we’re able to achieve each day. We are all perfect students so long as all our effort is offered.


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