What’s the point of pointless classes?

When people go to school, they expect it to prepare them for the future.  For the most part school does just that.  It offers subjects to people that will get them to good colleges and offer possible career choices.

However, there are some very important things that school does not teach.  These things are important to know and understand when you take on life.

Every school day, except Wednesday, I sit in my “school service” class. I occasionally will deliver passes to students or put some papers together for a counselor.  But, most of the class time I sit and do nothing.

People tell me to bring my homework to do, but I usually finish all my homework at home.  So why do schools offer classes that are not productive or helpful for students?  The answer remains a mystery to me.

If the schools are designed to help students prepare for life, whey aren’t they offering classes that show and explain how to do taxes, what is involved in getting mortgage, raising children,  and managing  money?  If schools offered such classes, many students will feel better about taking on life. These types of classes would help young people in the future.

Two years ago, there was a class here at CVHS that dealt with teaching basic life skills.  The class was called On Your Own.  Unfortunately, it has been cut do to the relentless budget cuts the school is facing.  Why would they cut a class like that and not a pointless class like school service?  I do think that it is important to offer teachers help, but much of the time, those sorts of classes don’t require you to do anything.

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