Masks required in all California schools

California schools require masks for all students and staff indoors regardless of vaccination status in the new school year. Not all are happy with these new regulations. Two parent groups have sued over the mandates. One of the groups named Let Them Breathe believes the mask mandates are not based on scientific evidence and harm students’ education. 

Let Them Breathe claims to be a “group of caring parents concerned about the effects of facial coverings on children’s mental, physical, and social health.” The members call themselves “pro-science, pro-safety, and pro-smiles.”

The group’s website is a place where anti-mask people and parents express their concerns and issues with the mask mandates. The most common argument is that masks have a major negative impact on their children’s learning and they should be a choice. Many parents even stated that they would send their sick children to school without informing the school to avoid the restrictions. 

However, most CVHS students and staff seem to support the mask requirements. 

“Masks don’t have an effect on my learning very much but it does cause a little bit of difficulty when communicating with teachers, but I think it’s important that they are required as they keep everyone safe,” said senior Amaya Davis.

 “Masks should be required because they help keep students, staff and their families safe,” senior Breanna Ly stated.  

As the Delta variant cases rise it’s more important that students wear their masks and get vaccinated if possible. The mask requirements are working, California is not seeing as large an increase in cases compared to states with no mask requirements, like Texas and Florida. 

“Masks should be required especially because of the Delta variant,” said AP Art History teacher Jo Sutton. “Of course we have to make some adjustments with the masks, especially because it can be difficult to hear, but everyone’s health is more important and we can easily work around those small issues.” 

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