New Wellness Center on campus

If you love yoga, lunch activities or different programs like Mariachi After School Music Program, come to the Wellness Center. The new center is fun and hepful in many ways.

The temporary portable is located outside the 500 building being the fenced in parking area. The new one will be built between 400 and 500 where the old Project Lead The Way portables used to be.

Currently, lots of different community agencies and some district people will work or have been working there. School nurses are sometimes there. There will be different agencies like Project Eden Counseling as well as some local Counseling providers agencies.

“The way I think it benefits  the students and will continue to benefit the students is, that’s where a lot of our mental health providers are. So those that need any type of counseling or they need a support place, they offer specific services for students that may be struggling,” said Assistant Principal Patrinia Redd.

Eventually, the center will start doing things like meditation classes for students and for staff. It also gives students and staff a place to go to at lunchtime.

It will be free to all students and may eventually open up to other community members like Redwood High School students.

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