An educational Friday School replaces Saturday School

CVHS has implemented a new disciplinary program this year which replaces Saturday School. This new program, known as Friday School, is a new step in the progressive discipline process at CVHS.

Friday Schools are used by administrators as a learning opportunity to teach about expected behaviors at school such as a growth mindset, cell phones use, and anti bullying.

“Now we’re using this opportunity for a learning experience for children against bullying,” said Assistant Principal Yvonna Rogers.

Students are assigned Friday School for excessive tardiness, skipping class, failure to show up to detentions, and an array of other rule breaking activities.

Souleyman Moummad was assigned Friday School for making inappropriate jokes while Principal Blaine Torpey was behind him, the freshman said.

During Friday School students are required to read an article about improving behavior, discuss it, and watch a video on it.

“During Friday School, I had to read an article about anti-bullying,” said Moummad.

With this opportunity of learning, students who were assigned Friday School are able to know how to improve behavior. “This is very effective,” said Rogers.

To ensure that students learned about their expected school behaviors, their exit ticket is to fill out a 30-question answer sheet and a presentation discussing their newfound knowledge.

Friday Schools are located in the CVHS library from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and have already been held five times. Failure to show up to Friday School may lead to a one day suspension and a loss of school privileges.

There are many strict rules and regulations when it comes to Friday School such as arriving on time, bringing schoolwork, signing in, turning off electronics, following the proper dress code, and not bringing food. If a student is disrespectful then that student is immediately sent home and suspended for a day.

After attending Friday School, students who need to improve their behaviors are often times enlightened by their new life lessons that they received in that hour.

“I guess if I was a bully then I would’ve learned a lot, but I’m not a bully,” said Moummad.

Friday School is successful because the administrators are making progress by teaching them important lessons and expected behavior instead of punishing the students for their misconduct.

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