Senior picnic cancelled, replaced with Grad Night

Seniors of CVHS received a letter from the school on Aug. 5 stating that senior picnic has been cancelled and replaced with grad night. Grad night this year is hoped to take place in Disneyland, but due to the uncertainty of getting the tickets to attend the event, it is still a work in progress.

This year’s attempt to go through with grad night is due to two major problems with senior picnic from previous years. First, the school’s earlier start is during Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s normal operating day. This results in less time for the students to enjoy things like arcade games. Also, there will be more customers which could affect the safety of the students. The second reason being that students from CVHS not permitted by administration on the trip and graduates would attempt to hang out with students during senior picnic.

Grad night was previously an event that happened about five years ago. It had been cancelled due to participation issues.

“Santa Cruz was cool but Disneyland is much cooler. My parents had a grad night so last year when I heard it was changed I was very excited,” said senior Aleya Dolorfino.

More information will be made available in October when the tickets are being sold. Since Disneyland Grad Night is a big event, tickets are still not guaranteed. If Disneyland Grad Night is not secured then another event will be planned to take its place.

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