Candidates race for votes

If you felt frustrated about not being able to vote in the last presidential election, don’t worry–you’ll have the opportunity to vote in the upcoming elections to choose our ASB and class officers on April 11 and 12.

“I want to unite the leadership class and continue the essence of Trojan togetherness in CVHS students,” said ASB presidential candidate Maddy Thompson when we asked her about her goals for the following school year.

“I really want to bring podcasts back, and I plan to continue to recognize people who receive good grades through the Renaissance program,” said ASB presidential candidate Thomas Tran.

This may look like a simple high school poll, but the truth is, there is a lot more happening than just poster and pins. The candidates have a series of rules they must follow, such as being careful with what they distribute around school. No candy, clothing, stickers or any type of bribery is allowed. Each ASB candidate has the right to give away just 100 pins while class candidates are allowed to give away only 50. They can only have seven posters around campus, approved by the current ASB committee, in which they must wear professional attire.

Campaigns started this past Monday, and candidates need to make sure to be leading healthy and positive ones on campus and social media, since any negative conduct can be punished with disqualification.

The forum, where candidates will be able to share with their fellow classmates their campaign’s core goals and why are they the best candidate for the position they’re running for, will be held on April 10.

“I’m a very inclusive person. I’m not afraid to encourage anyone to participate. I love to branch out to the ones who are quiet and give them the chance to show what they’ve got inside,” Tran said.

“I have a strong ability to lead and listen to people. I would do my best to accurately represent the students of CVHS while also keeping what is realistic and best for our school,” said Thompson.

This event will be the turning point for many students, therefore candidates should take advantage of this opportunity to demonstrate their potential and capabilities.

The outcome of the election will be up on the school’s website the night of the last day of voting on April 12.

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  • April 10, 2017 at 4:51 pm

    The candidates at the ASB forum did so well today!! Good job to all of you!

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