Measure G will lead to much need but inconvenient renovations

Caution: construction ahead will move classrooms and limit parking for students.

Castro Valley voters passed Measure G, which granted the Castro Valley Unified School District a $123 million general obligation bond to renovate and upgrade schools, in June of 2016.

Of the $123 million, CVHS is receiving approximately $45 million to thoroughly update each building on campus, and add additional classrooms and facilities.

After the approval of Measure G, the district, along with the CBOC (Citizens Bond Oversight Committee), created a timeline of projects to take place throughout schools in the district, starting January of 2018 and proceeding until 2024.

In CVHS, the 400 and 500 hallways are expected to shut down for construction first. Classrooms in these halls can be expected to be relocated for the entirety of the school year. As of right now, it is unclear what will be done for students who have lockers in the hallways being renovated.

Classes will be relocated to 18 portables, the locations of which are currently being debated. The potential locations will be the 500 parking lot, 800 parking lot, blacktop behind the gym, and on the field between the back of 900 and the baseball field outfield.

  CVHS is delegating $4 million towards a brand new health and wellness center. It will be used as a space to support CVHS mental health needs, as well as space for more classrooms.

“The new health and wellness center will be more of an outside resource for students, such as counselors (intervention type rather than academic) and also areas where advisors can do group sessions,” said Assistant Principal Patrinia Redd.

During heavy construction time, safety will be the primary concern for parents and the school administration alike. The school plans to address this issue by ensuring that the majority of the construction during the school year will take place internally such as by closing hallways and renovating them from the inside so students will not be anywhere near hazardous construction sites. More external construction that requires heavier materials, and is more of an obstruction to daily campus activity will occur during the summer.

Another main issue concerning construction will be limited parking in certain parking lots, as the construction crews will require staging areas not accessible to students or staff. Parking will be lost near the 500 and 800 lots, as they will be used as staging areas.

“While I have no definite answer about the specific impacts on parking, I think it is realistic to assume that many of the things we take for granted now, such as parking, will be impacted… Students will likely lose a great number of parking spaces. We are looking at trying to secure off-campus parking near campus,” said Principal Blaine Torpey.

For frequent updates about Measure G regarding various construction work projects and financial plans, please visit the Measure G page on the CVUSD website.

One thought on “Measure G will lead to much need but inconvenient renovations

  • April 7, 2017 at 5:55 pm

    An update of the school buildings is beneficial for the students in the long run. However, this means that there will be less available parking on campus. I feel that it will lead to many complications and anger the students in the beginning of the renovation process. Hopefully, by the end of the renovation, it will have a positive impact on the school.

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