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Teachers and district talk about salaries

Castro Valley Teachers Association and Castro Valley Unified School District are negotiating teacher salaries.

The teachers union and district have reached agreement on benefits and other issues for a three-year contract. Now that these have been settled, the topic of salary is being debated.

Teacher salaries currently start at $53,531 and go to up to $100,950, depending on what degrees the teachers have and how long they have been teaching in the district.

According to school board member Dot Theodore, salary is the last issue that needs to be resolved. CVTA and the district held a negotiating session on Nov. 28, with both sides sharing different proposals.

The district’s November proposal included a two percent ongoing salary increase for 2016-2017 and two percent more in 2017-2018.

The union, however, had its own proposal. Teacher Ian Rodriquez, a member of the CVTA bargaining team, says that the union “isn’t sure that’s the best they can do… so we countered for a little bit more money, but we are pleased that the district has shown some willingness to move off the one percent they initially offered us.”

The CVTA’s counterproposal asked for a three percent ongoing raise and a one percent bonus for the 2016-2017 school year, a 2.25 percent ongoing raise and a 1.5 percent bonus for 2017-2018.

While the district has yet to respond to the union’s proposal, the two sides will meet again for their next bargaining meeting on Jan. 23.

4 thoughts on “Teachers and district talk about salaries

  • Veronica Saldivar

    I think teachers should have an increase in their salary. Teachers are the role models for our future generation. They are teaching us the basics for everything we will need to know.

  • Ricardo Rodriguez

    I think that the techers need a raise because they do way to much for our school. Also y’all should hire Ms. Stimson she’s the best and actually know how to keep a class interesting while teaching.

  • Alan Yee

    I think teachers deserve a raise for the work that they do. Without teachers there would be no one to prepare and educate students for the future. Students may only make up a small portion of society but they make up 100% of the future and a teacher who can reach the heart of a student should be as well regarded as a doctor. While a doctor can preform surgery on a heart, a teacher can change that heart.

  • Alex Lee please dont read mine out loud :)

    I think the salary for the teachers should be stayed the same, because if the teachers keep on demanding for an increase in salary, than the the district will be more pressured. If the district is more pressured , than the school will get more poor

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