More Chrome Carts?

Although the Google Chromebooks are fairly new to CVHS, students may have noticed that there aren’t very many to go around.

CVHS currently has 14 Chrome carts, and next year Common Core Implementation Funds provided by California Assembly Bill 86 (AB86) will provide 11 more chrome carts for the campus. Right now, the ratio of classrooms to carts is 14:1, but with the new additions, that ratio will become 4:1

“AB86 provided for Common Core Implementation Funds to be provided to all public schools in order to assist with the adoption of materials and transition to the Common Core instruction method,” said Director of Technology Services John Perry.

One Chrome cart costs $14,000, and students are advised to be careful with the devices.

Students use the Chromebooks in class for many assignments such as research projects, online studies and in-class essays. A teacher can sign up in advance for a cart which holds 36 chromebooks.

The Chromebooks are convenient for both teachers and students, especially since grading is often done online. Unfortunately, slots to reserve the carts fill up quickly, leaving some teachers to give their students alternate assignments that do not require the chromebooks.

With the addition of the new Chrome carts, students will have more regular access to technology.

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