Meet your new officers! ASB and class elections come to an end

The 2015 student elections have come to a close, and a new Associated Student Body and class governments have been selected.

The elections faced a small challenge during the preliminary round. The preliminary voting period spanned two days, so a handful of students voted twice, once on both days, for their favorite candidates. Due to this, no names could be eliminated off the ballots for class officer elections. This resulted in up to five people running for one office in the final round of class elections.

Next year, there will be extra caution surrounding the primary elections, and the voting period will only last for one day.

The ASB election results are as follows: Jessica Yin was elected over Konnor Callihan for president, Spencer Dong was elected for vice president, Emma Iredale ran unopposed for the position of secretary,  Justin Kweon was elected as treasurer, and Riley McCullough was elected as school board representative.

Iredale expressed her enthusiasm for next year’s student government and her future goals.

“I hope to make the Leadership class a more approachable place to be. I wish for CVHS to have the best year yet, and with me by their side, I know we can accomplish it!” she said.

The class election winners are listed below.

Senior Class President: Kaitlyn Darling

Senior Vice President: Mia Knight

Senior Secretary: Isabel Duarte

Senior Treasurer: Esiason Rodriquez

Junior Class President: Karen Tam

Junior Class Vice President: Benjamin Tran

Junior Class Secretary: Gabbie Dinoisio

Junior Class Treasurer: Jonathan Tran

Sophomore Class President: Thomas Tran

Sophomore Class Vice President: Christopher Kusumonegoro

Sophomore Class Secretary: Maddy Thompson

Sophomore Class Treasurer: Peter Maina

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