Jenny’s Cafe closed for remodeling

The exterior of Jenny's Cafe. Photo by Robbie Brandt.
The exterior of Jenny’s Cafe. Photo by Robbie Brandt.

The beloved Jenny’s Cafe is closing for remodeling, because the food unfortunately did not meet the nutritional guidelines. The food served at Jenny’s cafe was mostly a la carte, so a renewal of the menu and store will put a new spin on the place.

“Jenny’s will be repainting, rebuilding, and updating the whole menu; and will hopefully be able to reopen by next school year,” said Assistant Principal Matt Steinecke.

CVHS’s school lunch menu may also be updating as well so kids can get more nutritional food at school.

“The food study will hopefully allow the kids to eat more at school so they will not leave campus as much,” said Steinecke. “I don’t like seeing kids rushing from whatever place they came from just so they can make it to class on time; this new menu will give students newer and more healthier options so they will not have to leave campus,” said Steinecke.

According to cafeteria supervisor Janet Roselius, Jenny’s will also be more comfortable for both customers and workers.

“We will have running water and a ventilation system put in,” said Roselius.

The lunch ladies also want to expand the school’s menu to meet government nutritional guidelines and to allow a even variety of choices.

Hopefully, this remodeling doesn’t last long, and Jenny’s can be reopened and serve even better food than before. Will this new and healthier lunch menu allow students to enjoy lunch at school? Or will even more students leave campus in search of something delicious? Only time will tell.

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